All Noble Morals Have a Source of Patience

All Noble Morals Have a Source of Patience

The street which we pass through in this life isn’t flawless forever, occasionally, we face the curve road, ascending and going down. Sometimes, we find narrow street, hollow, even full of curved thorn and spine. It is normal, if in this life, once in a while, we cry and sad, in other time, we laugh and happy, in a moment, we celebrate our victory, but in other moment, we mourn our defeat. In a time, we obtain bliss, however, in another time, we gain calamity. These are the dynamics of life.
All those dynamics are Sunnatullah that occur to every human in this world, it’s not excepted, for prophets and sweetheart of Allah Swt. Prophets and apostles are the most loved persons by Allah Swt, yet, precisely we find them as the much human being who gets test and examinations. Amongst them, there who lives in poverty, flaws, full of sorrow, and sickly. They have to live with lots of challenge and struggles. These All beloved persons of Allah precisely grow to be sturdy and strong individual, because they’re always undergo severe discipline and training by all sorts of problems, even disasters. Because of it, amongst them, there who gain title “Ulul Azmi”, persons whose patience are extraordinarily.
The faithful men who followed tenets of prophets also thanked god when receive enjoyments and be patient when face calamity. Faithful men are like a bird, which has 2 wings; its right wing is gratitude to god, while its left wing is patience. By these 2 wings, bird can fly high to sky, fly away to various direction of world, and can land on safely. Imagine! If one of its wings is broken, the bird will fly shaky and finally fall down.
Rasulullah Saw spoke; “the matter of faithful men is really astonished, because all their matters are good for them, and such thing won’t be happen except just for the believers, that matter is when they got happiness, they thanked god, because he knew that that thing is the best for them, and if they’re stricken by disaster, they’re patient, because they knew that that thing is the best for them. (Narrated by Muslim). How important patient problem is, in guiding human’s life, until Allah Swt mentioned it al-Qur’an no less than 99 times, and all of them can be found in different verses. Rasulullah Saw need repeat addressing of this patient problem likewise, till we can find it in many kinds of tale with various backgrounds.
Patience, according to technical term is the firmness of heart, without moan and complain, when accept calamity, or in still deeper definition, patience is stand suffering when meet something we dislike with willing, earnestly, as well as surrender to Allah Swt. Prophet Yusuf as is one of prophet whose patience really put to a test, in al-Qur’an, there’s only a long encyclical which since first verse up to last verse just tell a person in a whole, and that encyclical is encyclical Yusuf. Before story of Yusuf, that encyclical is begun by sentence ‘this is the however good story’, while in the end of his story, the same sentence is repeated again, ‘such thing is the however good story’.
A thing which we can take from the story of prophet Yusuf as is patience attitude in weak condition, that is when his elder brother did impudent and crime actions to him. While, when he hold power and capable replying, he keep be patient, by giving amnesty and forgiveness on their guilt. In story of prophet Yusuf, we can take a philosophy that whoever which can keep be patient in his heart not to take something he wants in Haram (forbidden) condition, so he’ll receive it in Halal (allowed) condition. Allah Swt has decreed in ar-Ruum (30): 60, “is patient please, because in truth, the promise of Allah is true. Don’t be doubtful (because of) being shaken by unsure person.”
Difficult Vocabularies: pass through; melewati, flawless; mulus, once in a while/ occasionally; sesekali, curve; berbelok, ascending; mendaki, hollow: berlubang, curved thorn; onak, spine; duri, normal; lumrah, mourn; meratapi, bliss; kenikmatan, dynamics; dinamika, obtain/ gain/get/ receive/accept; menerima/mendapat, be not excepted; tak terkecuali, sweetheart; kekasih, apostle; rasul, precisely; justru, test; cobaan, extraordinarily; luar biasa, sickly; sakit2 an, addressing; penyebutan, however good; sebaik2.


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